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CME Pre-Construction Plans
CME Fleet Truck


We carefully plan and continuously improve to build CME into a sustainable 100+ year company. In line with this philosophy, all decisions are crafted to offer a win-win scenario for all parties. 

Our core values serve as the foundation of CME Construction’s culture. These values guide our actions and help to make us a special company and an exceptional place to work. CME constantly builds upon a deep-rooted commitment to ensuring sustainable, profitable growth by following our core values.

CME Construction has been in business for over 50 years and has built a reputation of quality. CME has pioneered the Design-Build industry across the Tri-State area of Northern Indiana, Northwest Ohio, and Southern Michigan since 1972. We have consistently completed projects of diverse scales and complexities, all while maintaining an enduring dedication to its team, craft, and customers.

Our adaptable Design-Build approach has allowed us to excel in projects ranging from modest 1,000 SF to multiphase projects more than 500,000 SF.

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